View the work of filmmaker M. Keegan Uhl

JESSE'S GIRL | drama | 9 min (1 min teaser)
A woman struggles to call off her wedding, at her bridal shower.
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EXILE | drama | 8 min
UCLAxFilmFest 2018
A couple has the argument that may be their last.

WOJONOWSKI & SONS | comedy | 5 min
Two brothers argue about the future of the family business.

THE ASSIGNMENT | comedy | 8 min
A man struggles with how best to support women.

ZIPPO | award-winning commercial | 30 sec
A grandfather hands down a special heirloom.

BABYSITTER | award-winning spec commercial | 30 sec
A babysitter learns she can send a screaming child to another dimension.

LONACONING | drama | 10 min
Screened at film festivals 2013-2014
A woman and her new man come to collect her stuff from her ex’s place.

MOBY "WAIT FOR ME" | narrative music video | 4 min

THE BEACH | drama | 4 min
Vimeo Staff Pick, Screened at the Sundance Film Festival
Collaborative film project, part 3 of 8